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What do Your Numbers Really Mean?

Chart and graphWhat are your numbers? Ever been asked a question like that before? 

If it’s your doctor asking, then he or she is likely inquiring about your blood pressure, cholesterol, temperature, height and weight, right? Basics that, at a glance, help to determine the state of your current health.

If your golf pro is asking, then he or she is likely inquiring about your driving distance, number of putts per round, percentage of fairways hit and percentage of greens in regulation. These are basics that help a coach know the current state of your game, and where you might want to focus for improvement in your score.

If it’s your personal trainer…well, you get the idea. Different disciplines ask for and measure different numbers. 

In your church, what numbers do you measure? You might think of measuring attendance in weekend worship services, attendance in small groups and/or Bible Study classes, the number of baptisms, the percentage of adults involved in a small group, recent offering totals, your offering compared to budget, etc.  Read more »

Could Your Ministry Use a Portion of $59,000,000,000,000?

Wealth TransferWe are now living in a time of the greatest transfer of wealth in history. 

As reported by CNBC, a new study from Boston College Center on Wealth and Philanthropy projects heirs, charities, and taxes will receive $59 trillion between 2007 and 2061. (Yes, that’s trillion with a T!) This is up from a 1999 projection of $41 trillion. 

Charities in particular are forecast to receive more than $6 trillion of this wealth transfer, while total gifts to charity during this period are expected to be more than $27 trillion. 

Pastor, are you positioned for this? Is your church prepared to come alongside those who are likely forgetting your church in their estate plans? Are you encouraging your members to consider legacy giving? Read more »

Q&A with the Pushpay Mobile Giving Team

mobile giving

"85% of people will abandon a transaction if it takes longer than 30 seconds,” according to research provided by Pushpay, the developers of a smartphone app that makes it possible to give in under 10 seconds. 

Does it take longer than 30 seconds to make a gift on your current mobile giving system? Are you required to sign in before you can give? Do you have multiple web pages to navigate before a gift can be made? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this blog post is for you! Refresh your cup of coffee and read on...

I was able to have some Q&A time with one of the directors at Pushpay recently. Pushpay provides a secure, quick, and easy mobile giving solution to churches across the country, and I am excited to share his insights with you here:

Q: We talk quite a bit about accelerating generosity on my blog. How can a service like Pushpay encourage generosity within the church? Read more »

How to Implement a Legacy Giving Strategy


In this series on legacy generosity I have shared with you a top ten list, a $1.5M story, my family’s own personal legacy giving journey, the language of legacy giving, and reasons for giving a legacy gift. Let’s wrap up this series with something practical, shall we? Let’s talk about actually implementing a legacy giving strategy! Read more »

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